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Certification Application - During the Certification Application stage, the applicant informs the Compliance and Data Protection (CDP) of their intent to pursue certification. The applicant outlines the scope of the assessment (including details of the assessment target and any key components), as well as the target compliance level.

Scope and Compliance Target Agreement -  The application is then assessed to ensure that the scope and compliance target are appropriate (considering system criticality, processed data types and integration with wider systems or services).

Independent Control Audit – An independent assessment is performed by an Accredited Service Provider who assesses the implementation of controls (at the target compliance level) and provides an impartial report of the findings.
In certain cases of baseline controls assessment, a Self-Assessment may be agreeable.

Certification Decision – The independent assessment is reviewed by CDP, which may involve the random sampling of evidence or assertions made by either the applicant or the Accredited Service Provider for quality assurance purposes.
Upon review of the assessment and satisfaction of any queries or requests supporting findings or observations, a Certification Decision will be delivered to either award or withhold certification.

Apply for Certification

To support certification efforts, it is recommended that applicants review all the information related to the certification scheme including relevant standards, guidance and associated fees.
This will ensure that applicants have a thorough understanding of the certification scheme prior to applying. Things to do prior to applying:

  • Review relevant information about the desired certification scheme on CDP website
  • Decide on the scope to be assessed during certification
  • Obtain required standards

New applicants will need to register a new account before continuing with the application process. 

Apply For Certification

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The system will automatically assign the first person to register as the Organization's Nominated Representative. 

Existing account holders should always ensure the correctness of all information (including that the primary contact and business data) prior to submitting any application.